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Dear Parents/Guardians:

Medgar Evers is using the Northwest Evaluation Association Measures of Academic Progress (NWEA MAP) assessment as part of its assessment plan. MAP tests are unique in that they are computerized adaptive tests that adjust to your child's performance levels. MAP tests allow us to receive detailed, accurate information about your child's academic growth.

During the first few weeks of the school year our students will take tests to determine their instructional needs in the areas of reading and mathematics. Although the tests are not timed, it usually takes about 1 hour to complete each MAP test. MAP for Primary Grades takes about 15-20 minutes to complete. Your child's classroom teacher will receive powerful information to monitor your child's academic growth throughout the school year and from year to year.

Following each testing period, you will receive a report showing your child's scores. The testing windows are scheduled for early fall, winter and late spring of each year. For more information, download the Parent Toolkit at  http://www.nwea.org/sites/www.nwea.org/files/resources/ParentToolkit.pdf

Tips for Parents
Ways to help your child prepare for testing...

Provide a quiet, comfortable place for studying at home.  
Make sure your child is well rested on school days and especially the day of a test.  Children who are tired are less able to pay attention in class or to handle the demands of a test.  
Give your child a well-rounded diet.  A healthy body leads to a healthy, active mind.  
Provide books and magazines for your child to read at home.  By reading new materials, a child learns new words that might appear on a test.  Ask your child's school about a suggested outside reading list or get suggestions from the public library.  

Ways to help your child with reading...

Make many opportunities for your child to read books or other materials.  Children learn to read best when they have books and other materials at home and plenty of chances to read.  Read aloud to your child.  Research shows that this is the most important activity that parents can do to increase their child's chance at reading success.  Keep reading aloud even when your child can read independently.  
Make time for the library  
Play games like Scrabble, Spill & Spell, Scattergories and Balderdash together.  
Follow your child's interest-find fiction and nonfiction books that tie into this interest.  There are several third party web site links to generate booklists for students aloud with some additional features.  (MetaMetrics Find A Book, Barnes & Noble Lexile Booklist Wizard)  
Work crossword puzzles with your child.  
Give a magazine subscription for a gift.  

Ways to help your child with math...

Spend time with kids on simple board games, puzzles and activities that encourage better attitudes and strongest math skills.   
Check your television listings for shows that can reinforce math skills in a practical and fun way.  
Encourage children to solve problems.  Provide assistance, but let them figure it out themselves.  
The kitchen is filled with tasty opportunities to teach fractional measurements, such as doubling and dividing cookie recipes.  
Point out ways that people use math every day to pay bills, balance their checkbooks, figure out their net earnings, make change, how to tip at restaurants.  
Involve older children in projects that incorporate geometric and algebraic concepts such as planting a garden, building a bookshelf, or figuring how long it will take to drive to your family vacation destination.  
Children should learn to read and interpret charts and graphs such as those found in daily newspaper.  Collecting and analyzing data will help your child draw conclusions and become discriminating readers of numerical information.  

What is A Lexile?
And How Does it Compare to My RIT Score?

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