Medgar Evers Social WorkerSocialWorker

Good morning,

I am sharing this email with you as I have reached out to parents as well as

students who have social work direct or indirect service minutes.  I would appreciate you

letting your students and parents know that I am available for resources and support

Tuesdays: 9-11 and 12:30-2:00 pm. 



Mrs. Sims-Rucker 

School Social Worker



Good Morning!


Parents and Scholars, You are receiving this message because your scholar receives School Social Work support as a Related Service Support on their Individual Education Plan/504 Plan. It is my hope that this message finds your family well. I am writing to let you know that I would like to connect with you and your student to provide remote social work supports.   There are 4 options that we can utilize:


1. We can connect via telephone conference,  I will send you a calendar invite on your email, and I will call you from a private number. 


2. We can correspond via email:


3. I can meet with your student via Google Hangout.  I will send you a calendar invite that has a link to a video conference. 


4. I can also provide you with some online Social Emotional Learning resources that your scholar can complete online.


Please email me if you would like to engage in any of the above options.  I would ask that if you would like a Social Work session for your student, please do the best that you can to create a sense of privacy for the session. 


Thank you so much, be well. SocialWorker4

Valerie Sims Rucker, LSW
Social Worker
Washington High School/ Medgar Evers